FLE and UConn Partnership Program Promotes Mindfulness, Stress Management

Family Life Education is pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership with the University of Connecticut Center for Applied Research in Human Development (CARHD) for the development and delivery of an evaluation vision. The partnership began in November 2018, extends through June 2020, and is spearheaded by FLE CEO Candida Flores and UConn’s Dr. Beth Russell, Associate Professor in the Center for Applied Research in Human Development.  Outcomes include the development of an evaluation tool which FLE will use to measure self-efficacy.

This month, FLE began implementing the PRSISM program designed by the CARHD. PRISM, Promoting Resilience in Self-Management, is designed to promote mindfulness, self-care and stress management; FLE’s first cohort in the PRISM program is a group of Latina mothers from the Hartford area. PRISM provides an introduction to stress management and mindfulness and explores topics such as soothing techniques, using calming statements, self-care, observing emotions in social context, protection against negativity and many others. The eight-session program is facilitated by FLE staff with curriculum assistance from the CARHD.

PRISM meets in the spacious confines of FLE’s Louise Earle Loomis Children’s Wellness Center, provides a stress-free environment and childcare is provided for mothers as needed during this time. Additional cohorts of the PRISM program will be announced throughout the year.

About the UConn Center for Applied Research in Human Development: The Center provides assistance to state and community-based agencies in the development, delivery, and evaluation of human service programs. The primary focus is on promoting high quality technical support and evaluation for programs that promote individual and family wellbeing. Recent advances in theory and research are applied in the planning and implementation of all Center initiatives. The Center strives to create a supportive, sustainable relationship with clients and offer assistance at every level of program development and evaluation.