Family Life Education is a program of empowerment with responsibility.


Many program graduates now work in the helping professions giving back to their community and building connections across former boundaries. Gang-involved teens, teen  and young mothers, substance-using women, coming from backgrounds of severe poverty and abuse in the projects in Hartford, now are gainfully employed in public service and for private companies. Many now own their own homes and are working to raise their own families.

Your support transforms lives and builds a healthy future for all! THANK YOU!


Family Life Education is committed to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds who share a similar mission- improving the lives of children, youth and families.


We know that investing in education works- not just with funds but with pens, paper, backpacks and the new clothes to wear on the first day; by catching developmental delays early for efficient and effective intervention so children are ready for kindergarten; by helping all youth and parents to feel worthy of an education.


We know that health is important- not just having health insurance but eating nutritional food including fresh vegetables and knowing how to cook them; knowing warning signs of hearing or vision problems and accessing resources to correct them.


We know that love is learned by how we are treated so that we can begin to treat others well.

We know that dreams denied can burn but dreams realized are awesome.


Since 1987, Family Life Education has not only encouraged people to dream- through your support, it has given them the tools to build their dreams including the tool of community. Part of this community has always been the strong connection with people of all backgrounds and communities.


Your support builds the bridge out of poverty.

Family Life Education was founded by a
n intern from Yale Divinity School, who became the Rev. Karen Barker-Duncan.


The program design has always included a combination of individual, family, group and outreach work. Workers serve as resource people, guides and teachers walking beside program participants with respect as the youth and parents establish goals and work toward achieving their dreams.